M/Y Kalizma, a Classic Edwardian Motor Yacht was commissioned in 1906 and stands testimony to more than a century of human history. She began her incredible journey as a private luxury steam yacht christened S/Y Minona. She was built to the highest standards and was crafted to the designs of G.L. Watson & Co. and built by Ramage & Ferguson, Leith, Scotland. She was subsequently requisitioned and served in both the World Wars as an auxiliary patrol boat and an examination service vessel. She returned to private hands soon after and was eventually motorized in 1955.

In the late 1960’s, she arrived in to the global spotlight when the actor Richard Burton gifted her to his beautiful wife, Elizabeth Taylor. This legendary actor couple renamed her Kalizma, after their three children, Kate, Liza and Maria, and went on to enjoy years of wonderful family time on her. In 1974 she moved on to a new ownership and changed hands a few times thereafter. She traversed a range of destinations across the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf, South East Asia and the Indian subcontinent, proudly holding her own among modern fleet around her.

In 2006, post a significant refit, celebrating a century at sea, she was honoured with the title of the ‘Finest Classic Yacht’ still afloat.

In early 2019, Kalizma found a new lease of life with her current owner. He commissioned an extensive technical refit and sought the expertise of Alessandro Ortenzi, founder of Palazzo Morelli to envision her interior spaces.

In the winter of 2020, she will be seaworthy again, elegantly commanding her rightful place as a charter yacht for discerning guests.

Kalizma has and will eternally be a timeless classic!