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British International School’s Day out on Kalizma

Kalizma had a very interesting group of 40 guests onboard on December 12, 2007. They were a bunch of 8 year olds who are studying in the 4th grade at the British International School in Phuket. The children had been learning about the Spice route and other maritime expeditions therefore their teachers had organized a day out for them at the Yacht Haven Marina and a tour on a boat. Of course Kalizma was the most favorite choice since she came with so much history.

The children arrived at 9 am smartly dressed in their uniforms walking along the docks with gleaming eyes and curious minds. They had been divided into 2 groups of 20 so they all had enough room to wander around the boat while the others walked around the marina. We took them around the boat and they were all amazed to see how large and comfortable she was. After a small tour the children had an interesting question and answer session with the captain over sandwiches and soft drinks.

All in all it turned out to be a fun morning and the children left the boat with a feeling of great pride and lots more knowledge about the wonderful world at sea.

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