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Captain's Blog / Mar - Apr 2011

Yacht is running in same manner by the good efforts and cooperation of all crew.

Crew Changes:

In the month of April 2011 we had two crew changes taking place as Zanabeni and Atoli resigned due to personal reasons. At the moment we are looking for replacements.
Rajaram has taken leave for U.P. and Ruman has been blessed with a baby girl and is also on leave.

Crew training and certification:

Dubey has successfully completed his Yacht master offshore preparation and exams at UK and been promoted to rank of Bosun. Congratulations!
Also Ruman and Pradeep (our long time dayworking deckhand) has now attained their STCW qualifications.


As engine routine maintenance is sorted we are now planning DG service and our drydocking for September with Class inspections etc.

Ships Plan:

On March 17th we withessed the thickest fog ever in Goa. During April we also got the opportunity to visit the Kingfisher brewery in Ponda.
The yacht moved up to Mumbai for Owner's use and will remain in here until end of Apr 2011, thereafter head for Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) for duration of the monsoon.
In Mumbai, many crew who are based here, are happy to be able to visit their homes after duty hours.

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