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Captain’s Blog – Dec 2007

Ship’s News:

A beautiful sail down and pleasant weather there ensured that all enjoyed Christmas. The Interior staff organized a Christmas tree and Richard organized a full Turkey dinner The sail back to Langkawi was great and we got back on the 30th of December – anchoring at Patong for New Years As we weren’t working, it was brilliant to watch the Fireworks and the Chinese Lanterns all over the stretch of beach.

Kalizma is now being prepped to make the trip to Hong Kong via Singapore/Indonasia/Bruei/KotaKinaBalu and the Philippines.
Our ETD from Phuket is the 25th of Jan 2008 and it seems as if it is almost time to say our goodbyes.

Captain’s News:

It was great to have Aranya and Joya for Christmas and New Years. I even got to spend Aranya’s birthday with her – the first since she was born.
Joya got to see Langkawi and Arny turned a shade of dark brown living on the beach.
They left on the 1st of Jan to get back to school.
I have been back on the golf course full time – playing 4 times a week. The golf has been up and down – between horrendous and sublime is a big gap – and everyday I play, I have no idea what I will shoot. Also, getting ready for Singapore and Hongkong! Looking fwd to it. Joya and I have decided that Joya and Aranya will probably take the next year off from school and travel with me.

Crew News:

The crew has been working hard to get the boat ready for the season and have now started on getting ready for the season.
We have received the dive gear and Saini, the Bosn, is busy making sure that it is all up to spec before he goes on his annual leave.
We are looking at hiring some Philippino crew – a deck hand has been short listed and a couple of stewardesses are being interviewed.

Charter and Guests News:

We had the BIS children over for a day trip to the yacht (details in the News&Events page).
Kalizma also was present at the Phuket Yacht Invitational (details in the News & Events page).
Christmas in Langkawi – see the uploads on Cruising (Kalizma in Langkawi) – with the Owner and Owner’s guests on board.

See you next month.

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