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Captain’s Blog – Jan 2008

Ship's News:

Kalizma spent the month of Jan in Yachthaven Marina getting a whole load of work done on engines as well as the outer areas in preparation for the sail out of Phuket.
We even had technicians down from India, replaced Barasol ceiling and laid cabling for new Echosounders and radar that will be fitted in the next docking.
The yacht sailed for Langkawi 1st week Feb to pick up our new jetskis and boats but ran into immigration trouble (for some of the crew) and we decided to press on to Singapore after fuelling.
While waiting for new the yacht will stay in Raffles Marina using Scott Walker of Seal Singapore as the agents.
There has been a lot of crew changes with S.Saini off to UK to do exams, Christine and Sophy leaving at the end of their contracts. Hardest of all to digest is that Sasha Marker is also leaving after we get in to Singapore.

Captain's News:

Spent the month playing lots of golf in Phuket (once one leaves a port, a seaman never knows when he can come back).
Decided to spend my birthday in Singapore with Joya and go for the POLICE reunion concert (which was fabulous). Of course, the golf gang decided to make it too as it was Paul's birthday.
Got back into Phuket on the 5th of Feb and took the boat out for trials, completed accounts and had a last farewell in Layan Gardens. Eddy, Jane and Paul decided to come all the way to PhiPhi and get their boat to bring them back while we pressed on to Singapore.
Looking fwd to getting some news once we get into Singapore so that we know where we will be based for the rest of the year.

Crew News:

Saini (the Bosn) has left for his annual leave and then exams in UK. We wish him all the best Christina and Sophy have left the boat at the end of their contracts.
We have hired two Filipino stewardesses and one Filipino deckhand to take their place in the meantime. Vivek Singh is rejoining as Chief Engineer on our arrival in Singapore.
Of course, the hardest part will be letting go of Sasha Marker, the Chief Stewardess, who is leaving us in Singapore. It will be hard to replace her with all the work she does in addition to her normal duties as Chief Stew. She is hard at work training the new Stews and handing over to Jyothi who will take over as Ch.Stew.

Charter and Guests News:

We have had two enquiries for charter, one in Singapore and one in Hongkong but we are waiting for final positioning of the yacht before we decide/ accept.

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