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Kalizma gets a new Captain – 10th of May 2008

After 11 years on MY Kalizma, I am finally leaving the boat. Captain Jari Lindgren takes over as off today.

Below is an excerpt (in his own words) of his handover. The Company and I wish him all the best in this new assignment.

Avnish Dhall

Captain Jari Lindgren

I arrived on board the yacht (Yachthaven Marina) on the 31st of April. Once at the Marina I was met by the Chef Richard. Onboard Richard treated me to a small evening snack and my first can of ice cold Kingfisher beer.

The next day I met Captain Avnish Dhall and the rest of Kalizma’s crew. After that we started the handover - accounting, budgeting, maintenance, bridge equipment, class/ certificate status - the whole shebang!

Finally towards the end of handing over we received onboard the Company Representative, Cmde Mongia, to endorse the handover and review of accounts. We did a short 3 day cruise in order to see all equipment in operation. First night was spent at anchor in Ao Tha Lua and we took our tender to Boat Lagoon for dinner. Boat Lagoon was almost bone dry due to extreme low tide and we barely managed to navigate the channel.

Next day we cruised towards Phang Nga Bay where we went exploring with the tenderboat and jetski. For the night we stayed overnight at Barama Bay where a new marina is being built, in fact the whole Island is being restructured on a massive scale.

Next morning was again sunny and bright. Closer to noon, we hoisted anchor and sailed back to the Marina. We completed the handover the next morning in the presence of Cmde Mongia by signing over the official logs.

Kalizma is now under my command and I hope to have a long and happy relationship with the Owner’s, her guests and crew.

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