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As the Grande Dame Elizabeth Taylor passed away on 23rd of March (may she rest in peace) it apparently stirred memories of some people as I was contacted by former crew of Kalizma, Ms Laura Lloyd (Tequesta, Fl, USA), of old times.

I copy her messsage below:
"My husband I met and worked on Kalizma in 1984. We went across the Atlantic from Ft Lauderdale to Spain and stayed on the boat until it went into the shipyard in Barcelona to have the engine replaced.

With the death of Elizabeth Taylor the boat came to mind and I Googled MY Kalizma... What a beautiful website and what a beautiful job the current owner has done restoring her.

It was a wonderful experience working on Kalizma, and I am so happy to see that she is being well taken care of.

Keep up the good work."

We exchanged a few emails and I got some pictures from Mr. Spencer Lloyd. Top downwards:
- Azores/ Foredeck: Larry Kantlehner (Deck hand), Justin Darnell (Steward), Spencer Lloyd (Mate);
- Bermuda/ Scooters from left: Tom Broadbent (2nd Engineer), Laura Goodrich (Stewardess), Scott Lefevre (Engineer), Norma Trease (Cook), Spencer Lloyd (Mate), Larry Kantlehner, Tadashi (Deck hand);
- Ft. Lauderdale: Spencer Lloyd, Larry Kantlehner, Justin Darnell, Scott Lefevre;
- Below Ft. Lauderdale: Director Gunnel shipyard before crossing to Spain.

All pictures taken July/ August 1984.

I'm grateful to the Lloyd's for submitting this little piece of history and will gladly entertain other ex-crew members if they'd like to contribute to this site.

Jari Lindgren
In Thailand, March 2011

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