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Captain's Blog / Apr - Sep 2013

After completing all the planned maintenance jobs in Colombo as we were waiting to get fair weather to set sail for Male and we finally got 3-4 days weather window, just prior to development of cyclone PHAILIN. Kalizma commenced her passage for Male, Maldives after a full sea trials on 4th Oct while coastal passage till off Galle thereafter westerly heading till Male.

During first 24hrs while crossing through Gulf of Mannar, we experienced overcast weather with thunder showers and moderate seas and pounding up against wind and current, otherwise mainly good weather for rest of the passage.

From afternoon 5th Oct onwards, Dubey commenced celestial navigation and completed his Ocean qualifying passage, while Neeraj also learned to use sextant and took some observations.

Kalizma was accompanied by flying fish all the way and was welcomed by usual human friends "Dolphins" as we arrived on morning 7th Oct.


Richard was signed off at Colombo to enable him to appear for his IELTS exams booked at Colombo. He joined Kalizma back at Male on 20th Oct after clearing his IELTS exams.

Emily and Tamara completed their first sea voyage with some good and some bad experience of sea sickness at the beginning but managed to stand up on their own feet as we progressed.

Neeraj went to UK and successfully completed his Yacht Master Offshore exams at the end of this month.

At Male:

On arrival, after completing clearance formalities; Kalizma proceeded to Hullu Male safe anchorage area and deployed both anchors considering the local conditions and weather forecast for the whole month as shown to be mostly bad weather from 8th onwards with strong winds accompanied by heavy rain as combine effect of cyclone PHAILIN and active monsoon in the region.

Courtesy: IMD cyclone report

At Hullu Male anchorage bay

Despite bad weather during the moth team Kalizma continued to maintain the Yacht in ready state and looking forward to welcoming guests and owner onboard.

Linse Maintenance/ Dry dock at Gulf Craft:

We continued to chase the contractors to complete the Linse's dry dock specs (Deck, carpentry, engine & electrical) and bring her back in ready state to go in water. It seems as we reach close to complete the planned scope, something new pops up that kept delaying the undocking of Linse, however five star engineers under Sunil's supervision and by the help of Ruman, successfully managed to got the STBD engine successfully assembled and ready for trials as the boat goes in water.

Whereas Pardeep continued his supervision on carpenters to get all carpentry jobs completed thereafter with filling and paint work on ship side, but continuous rain made it almost difficult for us to progress much on this part.

Ships Plan:
Both Kalizma and Linse will remain in Maldives during the entire winter season.

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