Cruising Grounds

7 day sample Itinerary around Phang Na Bay, Patong & Phi Phi

Day 1- Yacht Haven Marina to Phang Na Bay

Day 2- Evason to Kata & Patong Beach

Day 3- Patong to Phi Phi

Day 4- Phi Phi to Krabi

Day 5- Krabi to Koh Yao Yai

Day 6- Koh Yao Yai to Yacht Haven Marina

Optional Excursion- Scuba Diving

Phuket Shark Point or Hin Musang which means shark rock in Thai so gets its name from the common sighting of Leopard Sharks found resting on the seabed. Seen by many as one of the best dive sites in the area, Shark point rarely leaves divers disappointed. The pinnacle breaks the surface and drops to 20 meters at its deepest. Many purple and pink soft corals compete for limited space on this incredibly healthy dive site. Large schools of Jacks and Barracudas patrol the waters with Snapper, Goatfish and Fusiliers.

Anemone Reef is a pinnacle that come s 4-7 meters to the surface and slopes down to over 25 meters at the seabed. Like many of the dive sites in the area it is covered in anemones. These in turn provide shelter and protection for many different types of Anemone fish, shrimps and Porcelain crabs. In the deeper parts large clusters of healthy soft corals cling to the reef. Leopard Sharks are common resting on the bottom and many juvenile Moray Eels can be spotted in the nooks and crannies.

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