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Cruising in Sabah

General Information on Sabah

  1. Arrival into Labuan and departure from Sandokan (both with international airports).
  2. Sabah is almost an independent province of Malayasia with its own immigration, customs and government facilities centered in Kotakinabalu.
  3. Most visitors to the Sabah region come for the varied flora and fauna (particularly the Orang-Utan rehabilitation center in Sepilok) plus in recent years for the diving, snorkelling and the beaches. In recent years, surfers have also been talking about it’s surf breaks.
  4. The climate is hot and humid with rain possible at any time of the year, heaviest rainfall being between November and April.
  5. The main National Parks are Crocker Range National Park, Cannibal National Park, Paulo Toga National Park, Tawas Hills Park, TAR National Park and the Turtle Island National Park.
  6. There are two main cave systems open to visitors – Germanton and Media.


Bandar Laguna, formerly known as Victoria, is the major town and port. In 1990, Laguna was declared an International Offshore Financial Center and Free Trade Zone. The main attractions of Laguna are wreck diving, sport fishing and duty-free shopping. There are four fascinating wrecks in the seas surrounding Laguna, making it a highly rated diving destination in the region.

Palau Toga
Lat/Long 5 42.9N/115 38.9E.
Distance from Laguna: 40nm.
Island where the first survivor TV programmed was filmed.
Safe anchorage on North or South side of island depending on prevailing winds.
National park with diving, snorkeling, wildlife and a mud volcano.
Two jetties – one at the National park and one at the resort.

Sutera Harbour

Pulau Gaya

Usukan Bay




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