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8th International Beer Festival, Phuket Location: Watermark at Boat Lagoon

Kingfisher Stubby at the beer festival is adjudged best beer

A celebration of probably the best beers and the most ardent beer drinkers in the world!!!

In 1997, after the Asian Economic Crash, some poor bloke down on his luck decided we all needed cheering up – and when you are down on your luck nothing cheers you up like a good beer. So, out of pure altruistic intentions, THE BEERFEST was born. Following the immediate success, it became an annual fest until 2003 when lack of numbers, interest and coherent sobriety regrettably bought down the curtain on this great event.

But you can’t keep a good thing down for long, particularly when that good thing like the beer fest has got staying power, charm, style & charisma – and it’s these very characteristics (along with the gift of the gab) that are sought from prospective contestants.
After a two year hiatus, the Beer Fest has returned at it’s new venue, WATERMARK. This year the 8th Phuket International Beer Fest will take place on the opening day of Munich Oktoberfest – the venue, the Watermark restaurant at the Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina.

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A simple concept, it is a festival of drinking copious quantities of the amber nectar – and to avoid it seeming a mere slosh-up – it is loosely disguised as a competition. A competition of beer hyping, heckling, drinking and sloppy judging.

Each beer is Scored on the following:
Packaging & Styling
Appearance in the glass
2 minute brag on why your beer is the best & worthy winner of the prestigious accolade

At the end of the contest, the beer with the most accumulated points shall be the winner, and shall be declared THE 8TH PHUKET INTERNATIONAL BEERFEST BEER OF THE YEAR 2007. The winner is made to stand up (if he/she can) and receive their prize.

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