Age: 46
Experience: 25 years

About Me

I began my professional yachting career with Kalizma in 2007 soon after retiring from the Indian Navy after 15 years. I hold an MCA Master’s 3000 ticket and have since sailed many parts of the world on different yachts, specializing in the Far East, Maldives, Indian west coast, Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

I look forward to welcoming the Owner and guests on board with an experienced crew.


A quintessential part of sailing by his definition! Leading by example and committed to the highest standards of performance as a fellow crew member.

An avid sailor, always seeking upgradation of skills and staying abreast of changes in the industry and focused on fitness as a regular marathon runner!

Considers it a privilege to receive owners and guests on board and most willing to ensure they have a memorable stay onboard the Kalizma.

More information

  • MCA Master’s 3000 Ticket
  • PADI Dive Instructor
  • Ex-Indian Navy Qualified Search & Rescue Diver
  • Guest Management