Prabhakar Rawat

Assistant Chef

Age: 26
Experience: 5+ Years

About Me

I hail from Uttarakhand, the Northernmost state in India. Having grown up in a family of chefs,’ I took to cooking from a very young age. I got my Culinary diploma at a very young age and began working in the Hotel Industry in 2015 across India before moving to the Yachting Industry recently.

I look forward to welcoming and preparing enticing meals for guests onboard the Kalizma.


Working together with the Head chef and other departments to make sure the owner and guests on board have a great time.

Picking up new cuisines and skills working closely with the Head Chef and the interior department in order to hone his skills in the Industry.

A delightful individual and enjoys feeding guest and crew onboard with deliciously meals. Happy to cater to your special dietary requirements.

More information

  • Culinary Maestro
  • Menu Planning & Plating
  • Delectable Delicatessens
  • Food service with a flair