Pradeep Kumar


Age: 34
Experience: 10 Years

About Me

With over 10 years of experience in the industry on several yachts ranging in size from 20 to 95 meters cruising the far east, Indian waters and the Mediterranean. I started my yachting career as a deckhand on the Kalizma and progressed to be the Bosun and the yacht’s diver with an edge for water sports.


An essential part of any job is to be able to function as a team be it assisting the Deck team in the maintenance to assisting with water sports.

Hard work is the name of the game, always on the lookout to learn new skills that further my development be it specialised carpentry or new areas in mechanics.

A charming and friendly individual focused on ensuring you have a great time onboard the Kalizma.

More information

  • Experienced Sailor
  • CNC Mechanist
  • Carpenter
  • Yacht Diver