2nd Engineer

Age: 37
Experience: 10 Years

About Me

Hailing from a coastal village situated on the west coast of India, I have always had an affinity for the sea. With a background in Diesel Mechanics, my yachting career commenced onboard the Kalizma in 2010, after completing my apprenticeship in Mumbai and working for several years in Dubai after specializing in marine machinery.


Always happy to get the job done be it fixing machinery or assisting the various departments onboard the Kalizma. Together we make a difference.

Self-development is the key to success as per his books. An avid reader and a hands-on learner, eager to learn new skills that further his career and beyond.

A delightful personality, happy to facilitate your craving for some fun in the sun with water sports – Jet Skis, Sofa Rides and tender runs. Also, an ace at hand in line fishing.

More information

  • Experienced Sailor
  • Specialized Diesel Mechanics
  • Marine Machinery
  • AEC Certification