Deckhand 1

Age: 36
Experience: 12 Years

About Me

I come from a traditional fishing family background from India and have worked at sea from a very young age. I have sailed on various yachts and gained work experience onboard vessels of different sizes. I enjoy keeping the exterior of the yacht in top shape and keeping watch on the bridge.

I look forward to welcoming you onboard the Kalizma.


Always happy to help out and enjoys working together with the crew to keep guests comfortable and ensure that they have a great time onboard.

Eager to hone his skills and believes that there’s always something new to learn and enhance one’s abilities.

A thorough gentlemen and a friendly individual. He enjoys his work and is happy to assist guests. He is also great with children.

More information

  • Experienced Deckhand
  • Tender Driver
  • Ace Fisherman
  • Guest Relations